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People choose to adopt a baby or an older child for many different reasons. Some are childless couples who have struggled with infertility and wish to start a family. Some are step-parents who have become part of the family. And some are biological grandparents or relatives who decide to take care of a child on behalf of someone in their family.

If you're considering adoption and have questions about the qualifications, you should consult our attorneys at Connell and Wheeler. At Connell and Wheeler, our adoption and family law attorneys understand the fine details of Georgia adoption laws.

It's true that you'll have to jump a few legal hurdles once you decide to adopt a child. A domestic adoptions lawyer from Connell and Wheeler will carefully explain and take you through each step in the process from questions to post-adoption name changes. As a family law firm, we represent:

   *Single parents



   *Foster parents



   *Birth (biological) parents

As a Thomaston, GA family law firm, we have the experience and legal knowledge it takes to help your family make this transition.